Installing GrooveJar on Your WordPress Site

Learn how to install the GrooveJar script on WordPress

After signing up for GrooveJar you have a free trial. Your free trial won't start until you've installed the GrooveJar code on your backend. 

When first logging into your account, you'll see a red button stating, "Click Here to Install".  Click on the button.

You will then receive the following popup with the code snippet. Copy the HTML.

Once you've copied the code snippet, follow these steps to install it on your WordPress site:

1. Login to the admin panel of your WordPress website and then open your Header.php file. You can find that file here: Your WordPress Admin > Appearance > Editor > Theme Header (header.php)

2. Find the word "</head>" in your HTML and then paste your code snippet above the "</head>" tag.

3. Click the "Update File" button and you're finished with the install!

4. Lastly, login to your GrooveJar account and access your GrooveJar Dashboard. You should see a green button indicating the script was installed successfully!

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