Updating Your Subscription

How to cancel, pause, or uninstall GrooveJar.

Canceling your service:

When canceling your GrooveJar subscription, please email the team at support@groovejar.com (non-shopify users). For Shopify users, simply uninstall GrooveJar from your Shopify admin dashboard, more information on how to get there below.

Pausing your subscription:

Unfortunately, at this time users are unable to pause their subscription. This means that even if GrooveJar's applications are set to inactive, you still will be charged for usage. Email support@groovejar.com for further inquiries.

Uninstalling GrooveJar:

Non-Shopify Users - when uninstalling GrooveJar, please remember to cancel your subscription with us first. Then delete the GrooveJar script from your HTML backend. 

Shopify Users - simply uninstall the GrooveJar app from your admin dashboard.

  1. After logging into your admin dashboard, go to Apps.
  2. Locate the GrooveJar icon > click the trashcan symbol > click Delete.
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