Collect & Convert: Automated Email Sequence

Email marketing made simple.

When you collect leads/emails through any of the GrooveJar's lead capture pop-ups, you can set up set up automated emails to send out using the Collect & Convert.

This will help you run a basic email marketing sequence to engage your potential or existing customers when they first subscribe.

To access Collect & Convert, login to your dashboard and select the "Collect & Convert" icon on the menu bar. 

After selecting this, you will first see the Dashboard where you can see recovered revenue and recovered traffic driven by the automated email sequence. 

Setting up Your Email Sequence

Select the "Email Templates" link within the dashboard to configure your emails. 

From here you will see the set of 6 email sequences with set triggers - it will be up to you to customize and test out different messages and to further optimize your marketing strategy. 

Customize them by selecting/enabling. Follow email best practices, check for proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

Edit your subject line, pre-header, and message using the WYSIWYG. Feel free to follow the template messaging, but customize it to make it your own so it speaks to your industry/market. Enable/disable the email by hitting the toggle in the top right hand corner to turn off automated message.

Make sure to hit save and you can send yourself a test message by hitting "Send Test".

Upload Your Own Custom HTML

If you have a custom HTML code you'd like to use for custom email templates you can do so by so by selecting the "<>" symbol within the WYSIWYG menu bar. 

After selecting the icon, the "Source Code" will pop up. Here you can make amendments directly within the code or delete it, and replace it with your own custom code.

Configuring and Starting Your Email Sequence

Go to Settings at the top menu bar. You will be presented with the following dashboard.

Select a sender email, who would you like it to come from? We suggest using a personal email address or generic company email address. 

Please ensure a common "Thank You" page for every order or sign up. This ensures GrooveJar will be able to track anyone who lands on that page, will be attributed to the email that was last clicked on.

If you'd rather use your own Email Service Provider (ESP), head here to learn how to  automatically upload new emails into your ESP by integrating with them.

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