Promoting low-selling products or high-selling products with GrooveHype

Showcase recent purchases or sign ups with GrooveJar's app.

GrooveHype is great for those selling products or services. This pop-up is used to showcase “purchases” and sign ups to help with trust on your website. It also can drive additional sales to your most popular or least popular products. This pop-up will appear during 0-10 second intervals on your site. 

Here’s how to get started:
Customize what you want it to say, “ Someone from [City][State] just bought:” or change it to “ A Customer from [City][State] purchased:” Make sure to leave [City][State] as is. This will ensure your “ Locations” you select will be put into these fields correctly.

Select Position
You’ll also be able to select where the widget pops up. The three options on where to position it on the bottom of your webpage: Left, Center, and Right. 
In addition, you will be able to design it with your brand colors or to complement your brand colors. But first pick a theme, you have three to choose from.

Setting up products
Under Extra Configuration, this is where you will load your products from your site. You can even highlight low-selling products to see if it helps convert.

Hit Create new product and you’ll be able to upload the Name/Title of the product, a link to its page, and its image using the form:

You can create as many products as you’d like to showcase. Then, add locations using the "Locals" button.

Tip: If you know where your top traffic is coming from on your website. Try to use those locations, alongside with where you are based out of. Hit save and go set your routes!

Another Tip: you can use this to drive more attention to low-selling products/services to see its effectiveness or to continue highlighting popular products or services.

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