Deciding when and where visitors see the popup

Selecting trigger options an in GrooveJar after designing

On Exit 

When people leave the site; check-off the box if you’d like the visitor to browse/scroll first before exiting. Exiting means: visitor’s cursor goes to ex-out tab or to URL bar.

On a Timer 

Select how many seconds you’d like the visitor to be on your site. If you select 10 seconds, while a visitor is browsing, they won’t receive the pop-up until they’ve been on your site for that long of a time. So, if your website has a high bounce rate, do not put too much time on the clock.

End of Page 

When the visitor scrolls all the way down to your web page, the pop-up will appear. Hit Save.

Set Routes

Select the web pages you’d like the pop-up to pop up on. This way, if you create a separate landing page to run a campaign, you can design a specific pop-up for only that page.

Show only on these pages or show everywhere except these pages.

Select the URLs and the configuration – We’re going to use as an example. To include or exclude URL pages, select one of the following configurations:

URL contains text: /sign 

Will appear on URLs containing /sign in it. E.g.:,,

URL ends with: 4

Will appear on URLs ending in 4. E.g.:,

URL starts with: https://

Will appear on URLs starting with https://. E.g.:,,

URL is exact match:

Will only appear on the exact URL containing ALL text. E.g.: If URL is it will go to the same site, but because you selected EXACT match, it’s missing https:// like how it’s specified.

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