Setting up Timer Popup - GrooveUrgent

GrooveUrgent is a unique pop-up that utilizes the basic principle of psychology: urgency. (That’s where it got its name.)

Getting started is simple. Follow these steps:

Design it:

  • Decide whether you’d like to capture names and emails, or just emails.
  • Set how many minutes to show on the timer. We recommend 5-10 minutes.
  • To enter a coupon code for visitors to redeem, under Coupon Code, you can have the code revealed once they enter their email. 

If you'd like the coupon to redirect to a registration page, you do so by selecting "Coupon has button" entries will appear where you will paste your redirect link.

  • Select whether you’d like to show the compact version

A live countdown timer will show if the visitor decides to ex-out of the pop-up, giving them another chance to enter their email. You can have the compact version show in 4 different positions on your website.

  • Reference the live WYSIWYG to see your customizations. Hit Save.
  • Select Trigger and Route Options and you're set.
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